January 20, 2019




 The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay crosses the Sacramento River in  the heart of Redding, CA. Open July 4, 2004, the bridge links the north and south campuses of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park and serves as access to Redding's Sacramento River Trail system

The Redding Marathon is a Boston qualifier. Certification number # CA11089RS

     Your finish line

  the famous sundial   bridge

          stunning views

       Starting Line

         Shasta dam


3 Person Marathon Relay



The Redding Marathon Events

Take a free bus to the start of the Redding Marathon. Enjoy the warmth of the Visitor's Center located near the start of the race and be ready for an 8 AM start.

Enjoy a scenic journey down stream along the Sacramento River on paved running trails. Watch for bald eagles, osprey and other wildlife.

 The Redding Marathon will take you over  Shasta Dam, through an old railroad tunnel and across the historic Diestelhorst Bridge, the Ribbon Suspension Bridge and onto the Sundial Bridge and your finish line.

 a dam, A Tunnel and 3 unique bridges