Whether your goal is to run your first marathon or your 20th
we look forward to seeing you on January 15, 2017

The Marathon Course

January 15 ,2017

1. The course will be well marked with course with arrows. and course monitors.

2. Monitors will direct you at crucial points along the course.

3. 10 aid stations will be stocked with water and Cliff shot electrolyte drink ( aid#1 water only)

4. Energy gel will be available to marathon runners at selected aid stations after aid station #2.

5. Mile markers will be in place throughout the course.

6. Cut  off is inforced at 7 hours. which is close to a 16 minute mile.


The Redding Marathon and Marathon Relay will begin at the Shasta Dam Visitor's Center parking lot at 8 am January 15, 2017

You will run directly onto the road that crosses Shasta Dam. Once you have crossed the Dam there is a paved road that descends for  1.75miles

 where you will access the paved Rail Trail.  You will run on the Rail Trail for the next 10 miles with the Sacramento River on your left  with the first

7 miles being relatively flat and fast. You will come to the first aid station at 3.75 miles.  Just after the aid station you will run through an old 1923 railroad tunnel . The  aid station  #2 is at Matheson Mine, mile 6.4.  You will continue down stream on the flat Rail Trail to the Keswick Boat Launch and the first marathon relay handoff. Aid station #3 is also located at this spot.


You will continue traversing the paved Rail Trail across Spring Creek Dam where you will be directed to make a sharp left onto the "Rail Trail Extension"

This series of rolling hills will break up the flatness of the course. Please refer to the elevation chart for specifics. Enjoy the  beautiful scenery of the Sacramento River.  Aid station #4 is located at the top of the last climb at mile 12.7. From there, a long downhill section awaits you as you pass the halfway point. The Rail Trail extension ends at the Keswick Dam Road crossing.  Monitors will be there to assure you safely cross the county road.  Beginning at this point, you will be on the paved South Sacramento River Trail.  Take a quick look back at Keswick Dam and enjoy the river as it flows downstream from the dam.


Running past the pedestrian Ribbon Bridge you will continue downstream to the Middle Creek paved trail. Don't worry, you will be crossing the Ribbon Bridge later. Turning right onto the Middle Creek Trail at 14.6 miles, you will be greeted by aid station #5. Middle Creek trail has a gradual climb of 100 feet per mile. You will run this for a little over a mile where a course monitor will turn you around. Enjoy the cruise back down to the River Trail and aid station#6. Upon exiting Middle Creek trail, you will continue running downstream to the Diestelhorst Bridge and aid station #7 . The 3rd leg relay handoff will take place just prior to turning left onto the Diestelhorst Bridge.


Runners will be run across and back on this newly renovated "historic" bridge and head upstream. Now the river will be on your right! After passing aid stations #8 and #9 you will sweep across the beautiful Ribbon Bridge, a full suspension foot bridge. Now on the north side of the Sacramento River Trail, you will make your way to the FINISH LINE passing aid stations #10 and #11. THE SUNDIAL BRIDGE WILL GREET YOU ALONG WITH FRIENDLY VOLUNTEERS, FINISHER MEDALS, FOOD AND BEVERAGES.